Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the ‘Terms’) govern the Supercompare services which is a brand owned and operated by 3 Way Marketing (Pty) Ltd (in these Terms we refer to ourselves as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’).

Supercompare wants to ease your mind and provide you with options galore in living the life you want. Our mission is to bring you the latest specials, deals and promotions in various industries, including, but not limited to:

We recognise how hard you work to provide for yourself and your family and we want to assist in helping you make ends meet. So whether you are looking for that peace of mind with funeral cover or need to stay connected with a new Phone Contract, Supercompare will put you in touch with some of SA’s most respected and top Financial Services, Insurance,Telecommunications, Recruitment Companies and more. We will send you marketing communications via multiple channels, such as, but not limited to; Automated voice messages, SMS's, e-mail and outbound calls from us or our partner call centers, in order to keep you updated and informed on these latest specials, deals and promotions we have on offer. You can check out our Privacy Policy here in order to see how we will responsibly use your personal information to achieve this goal. You can choose to stop hearing from us at any stage, we will always provide you with that opportunity. To Opt-Out or Unsubscribe please see below. You may also register on the National Do Not Contact List which can be found at www.dmasa.org. What you need to be aware of:
  1. Visitors and Customers
If you have chosen to engage with us regarding the Services we provide, then you are a “customer”. If you have chosen not to make use of our Services and is just visiting the website, you may browse certain features as a “Visitor”. You need to read and understand our Terms and Conditions because by becoming our Customer you agree to be bound by them. Should you not agree with the Terms and Conditions please opt-out of the services we provide. As a Customer or Visitor of our Services, the collection, use and sharing of your personal information is subject to our Privacy Policy – to be found here. You can contact us at any stage at info@supercompare.co.za with any queries or worries you might have. We like to receive your feedback so that we can speak to you and improve our services and we love receiving compliments, so keep them coming.
  1. When we contact you
We often contact customers both on our behalf and on behalf of our affiliates (for example we would contact you on behalf of a bank or insurance company). We will let you know if we also represent an affiliate and what their name and contact details are. We put you in contact with the seller or service provider (which is the service we provide) and do not provide the services or goods ourselves. You are responsible for deciding if you want to access or use these service providers. They have their own legal terms and privacy policies, and you may be giving others permission to use your information so check to see what they do. Except to the limited extent it may be required by applicable law, we are not responsible for these service providers or their sites. Please see our Privacy Policy here for more. We don’t provide financial services or loans. All we do is to put you in contact with registered financial services providers or credit providers.
  1. Becoming a Customer – Agreeing to our Terms and Services
There are many ways for you to agree to our Terms and the Supercompare services:
    • SMS – when you reply to our SMS by typing the word ‘YESor where you agree to receive a quote and become a customer;
    • Email – when you click on the hyperlink in our email;
    • Telephone – when you tell our call centre agent that we can contact you or when you provide your details for a quote or to purchase a product or service;
    • Automated Voice Message (AVM) – you opt in when you press the number ‘1’;
    • Social media (E.g. Facebook / Twitter) – you opt in by clicking on ‘call me back’ or ‘submit’;
    • USSD – when you reply to our USSD messages and provide your information;
    • Website – when you click on the ‘subscribe’ link on our Website which can be found here
    • Please Call Me (PCM) – when you reply to our please call me message and follow the steps as set out within.
  1. Opting Out / Unsubscribing from our Terms and Services.
You can ask us to opt you out of the Supercompare services at any time. There are many ways to do this: Some important things to know about opting out / unsubscribing:
  1. Changes to the Terms
Changes to the Terms, as well effective date, will always be shown on the top of the page. It is your responsibility to ensure that you familiarise yourself with the changes. If you do not agree with the changes affected, you are welcome to opt-out of the services here.
  1. No liability
We will not be liable for any obvious error on our Website nor for any failure of this Website. We simply put you in contact with the seller or service provider (which is the service we provide) and do not provide the services or goods ourselves. As a result, we do not accept liability for any inaccuracies regarding the description of goods or services or an inaccurate or misleading picture or video. You agree that any action for any defect, damage, mistake or misrepresentation will lie exclusively against the seller or service provider and not against us. If, despite this limitation on liability, we are found to be liable, that liability will be limited to R5000.
  1. Our promise to you
Here are some of the promises we make to you when you opt in:
  1. Your Promise to us
Here are some of the promises you make to us when you opt in to be a customer:
  1. Your Privacy
If you are our customer or a visitor to our site, then we do collect personal information about you. You can find out more about the personal information we have about you, how we use it and what your rights are, in our privacy notice, which can be found here.
  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms are subject to the laws of South Africa and you agree to the jurisdiction of the Gauteng courts.
  1. Our Information
Here are some additional details about us which in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (No. 25 of 2002):